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Automobile industry values in the EU
18 Sep 2019

- 13.8 million Europeans work in the auto industry (directly and indirectly), accounting for 6.1% of all EU jobs.
- 11.4% of EU manufacturing jobs – some 3.5 million – are in the automotive sector.
- Motor vehicles account for €428 billion in taxes in the EU15 countries alone.
- The automobile industry generates a trade surplus of €84.4 billion for the EU.
- The turnover generated by the auto industry represents over 7% of EU GDP.
- Investing €57.4 billion in R&D annually, the automotive sector is Europe's largest private contributor to innovation,
   accounting for 28% of total EU spending.

Member success - Mobityre & Autocare
12 Sep 2019

SMTA members - Mobityre & Autocare based in Kilmarnock were proud wiinners at Ayrshire Business Awards 2019 and won the award for 'Best Service Company' - recognising the best in business held earlier this year at Ayr Racecourse. 

Congratulations from everyone at the SMTA!

Workplace parking levy
09 Sep 2019

MSPs have backed plans to introduce powers for local councils to implement a levy on workplace parking spots.

SMTA will continue to discuss the workplace parking levy with Transport Scotland and challenge them to give us a hearing for the motor industry to be given a blanket exception against this scheme.  More updates on this matter will follow.

Scottish New Car Registrations buck the trend
05 Sep 2019

New car registrations in Scotland for the month of August rose by 1.66% against a drop in the rest of the UK by -1.88% meaning the result for the whole of the month of August was -1.62%.

Stronger business registrations (up by 72.35%) and fleet (up by 7.51%) compensated for the marginal drop in private registrations of (-5.47%) when measured against August 2018. The private results are no real surprise given that private buyers are more plate conscious than the business operator and the up-coming September 69 plate launch.

Fuel mix sees continued growth of the electric vehicle sector in both hybrid and pure electric formats, the latter showing the greatest growth.

Overall year to date the Scottish market continues to out perform the rest of the UK albeit they are both in decline on last years results, Scotland down by -2.97% and the rest of the UK down by -3.40% respectively.

Sandy Burgess, SMTA Chief Executive, said “With all the uncertainty around supply and the dreaded Brexit situation I am delighted to confirm that our market is continuing to hold its own at these very challenging times for private consumers and businesses across Scotland.  The new September 69 plate is now starting to be seen across the county and with a number of very strong retail and business incentives available in our members showrooms I would be confident that our industry will rise above the general noise in the market place and deliver a strong result for the month ahead.”

MOT fails due to exhaust issues drop despite stricter tests for diesel vehicles
02 Sep 2019

Fewer cars are failing their MOT test for exhaust issues, despite the introduction of new, more strict, regulations.

Data from Protyre reveals that there has been a 21% decrease in the proportion of cars that failed an MOT test in the last year.

The DVSA introduced new legislation on May 20, 2018, affecting diesel cars with diesel particulate filters. These cars will fail the test if any visiable smoke is seen coming from the exhaust tailpipes.

David Sholicar, Protyre’s national retail operations manager, said: “The fall in the proportion of MOT fails attributed to exhaust issues at first appears surprising as the new MOT test includes stricter regulations on emissions from diesel cars. The test changes also mean that it is now law that any car with a diesel particulate filter automatically fails its MOT if smoke is visible from its exhaust.”

Analysis from Protyre shows that only 7% of diesel vehicles that failed their MOT test did so because of issues with the exhaust - compared to 11% of all vehicles overall that failed their MOT test because of exhaust issues.

These new figures come despite overall increases in the raw number of MOT tests that failed because of exhaust issues shown in the most up-to-date DVSA figures.

“One reason for this reduction is down to the reduced popularity of diesel cars and nationwide year-on-year decreases in sales of new diesel vehicles in recent years of up to 20%. However, the data also shows that the decreased proportion of MOT fails (despite an overall increase in numbers) is likely down to stricter criteria on other components,” Sholicar added.

The data also shows a 7% year-on-year increase in the proportion of MOT tests that failed because of warning lights and a 7% year-on-year decrease in the proportion fails because of faulty brakes.

The proportion of MOT test fails attributed to failed suspension compontents decreased 11% and the proportion attributed to faulty car lamps also decreased 8%.

The new MOT test includes new testable items related to braking device performance, the daytime running of lamps and the Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp.

In the year since the changes to the MOT test, faulty suspension was the most common reason for a test fail, followed by brakes, lamps, tyres and obstructions to drivers’ view of the road.

Article courtesy AM Online

2018 C.A.R Star Awards

The SMTA Annual Dinner and C.A.R. Star Awards event turned out to be yet another fantastic evening! Not only was it a great opportunity to network with other like-minded folk from the Scottish motor trade but it’s also where they celebrated the amazing work their members do for their local community and charities close to their hearts.

We had ten category winners, including our ‘Buttons 4 Ben’ design competition winner and the very first ever Auto Skills Scotland winner! The winners are all shown below.

The Garage (Whitburn) Ltd

Adam Purves Mitsubishi

Allied Vehicles Group

Dicksons of Inverness

John Clark Motor Group

Special Recognition Award

Gerry Facenna

Winner of the first Auto Skills Scotland event

Stuart Cochrane

Design competition winner

New College Lanarkshire


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