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SMTA membership now stands at over 1,300 members and continues to grow - the highest number of members in over 50 years!
13 Feb 2019

PRESS RELEASE              

Wednesday the 13th February 2019

SMTA membership now stands at over 1,300 members and continues to grow -  the highest number of members in over 50 years!

Sandy Burgess, Chief Executive is delighted to advise that SMTA membership now exceeds 1,300 members, the highest number of members the SMTA has had in over 50 years.  Mr Burgess commented: “It is fantastic to see our membership continue to grow, significantly in the SME/Independent sector and it is encouraging to see that in these challenging times that the motor industry is facing, we are able to expand our membership base across Scotland and many of the islands.” 

He continued “SMTA has much to offer the Scottish motor trade including our unique buying group Trading Partners, Skills Solutions our modern apprenticeship scheme soon to be supported by an exciting IMI fully certificated online training programme, our in-house industry leading MOT QMS product, as well as our market leading fully Scottish based used car warranty company Scotsure and access to our industry specific SMTA Digital marketing service.

SMTA is member owned and member driven and has been ever since our inception in 1903.  Our motto is and always will be to ‘Encourage, Promote and Protect’.”

06 Feb 2019

On 18th December 2018, Sandy Burgess CEO and Moira Gaynor, Company Secretary, met with Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity. The purpose of the meeting was to ascertain the Scottish Government’s aspirations for a 2032 target date for electric vehicles and what involvement the SMTA will have in this. Rebecca Campbell, Skills Lead Low Carbon Economy and Andy Robinson, Head of ULEV Delivery, both with Transport Scotland were also in attendance


Mr Matheson was very coy when asked how the 2032 date came about and what thought process had been used in the decision. However, the announcement in September 2017 that the Scottish Government had pledged to phase out new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 came under the tenure of Humza Yousaf, the then Minister for Transport and the Islands so perhaps it is a little unfair to shine the spotlight on Mr Mathieson. Regardless of how the date was arrived at, a target date of 2032 has been set and it is this we need to work towards.


Mr Matheson did indicate that the Scottish Government were taking time to reassess what would actually be required, and that this would involve more than just ensuring there were enough charging points to satisfy a perceived anticipated level of demand! It is clear from speaking with Mr Mathieson that he is well aware that this is an issue that will affect all areas of the motor trade in Scotland from Franchise dealers to small independent repairers. He was very receptive to the request that the SMTA be heavily involved in any developments and that the views of industry be taken into account. SMTA is well placed to be a major player in this and we welcome the news that the industry will have a voice, though remain sceptical as to how loud a voice we will be allowed.


Both Sandy and Moira voiced their opinion that training was a key element of this shift to electric vehicles and the safety of technicians working on these vehicles was paramount. Sandy went as far as to say that perhaps some kind of recognised qualification, as with MOT testers, should be required before technicians can carry out work. Rebecca indicated that  consideration was being given to adding an additional level to SVQ qualification for electric vehicles which would then give new technicians that additional qualification. Although this is a step in the right direction, we have stressed that funding needs to be made available for training for current apprentice technicians and also for qualified staff who will still be making up the workforce in 2032. Asking these people to pay for additional training without at least some help would be unreasonable. We have also asked that private training providers be able to access funding via the apprentice levy, which currently is only available to colleges.


In all we remain quietly confident that Mr Matheson will take on board the points we have brought before him and will afford SMTA the chance to work together with his office and Transport Scotland to deliver the best possible outcome for the Scottish Motor Trade and Scottish motorists.

Scottish Motor Club Racing Awards
12 Dec 2018

The annual Scottish Motor Racing Club awards night took place on Saturday the 17th November at the prestigious Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh. As sponsor of this year’s Hot Hatch and Fiesta ST championships the SMTA’s Chief Executive Sandy Burgess was in attendance to present the awards to the winners and top podium drivers for the seasons racing.

Congratulations to winners Wayne MacAulay, ST Champion and Chris Milford, Hot Hatch Champion. (Pictures show Blair Murdoch ST Runner Up and Chris Milford Hot Hatch Champion.

Guests at SMTA Dinner raise funds for British Heart Foundation Scotland
27 Nov 2018

Guests at SMTA Annual Dinner 2018 raised a fantastic amount of money that was split between our charity partners - British Heart Foundation and Beatson Cancer Charity. 

The official cheque presentation for £2,500 was given to BHF's Gizem Fowler who accepted the cheque from Chris Sainsbury DP at Rolls Royce Edinburgh.

Huge thanks to all who contributed to these two amazing charities.

SMTA Buttons4Ben Design Competition
27 Nov 2018

Sandy Burgess was delighted to hand over a cheque to Marianne Steel, Partnership Development Manager at Ben for £500 at SMTA's Annual Dinner 2018.

2018 C.A.R Star Awards

The SMTA Annual Dinner and C.A.R. Star Awards event turned out to be yet another fantastic evening! Not only was it a great opportunity to network with other like-minded folk from the Scottish motor trade but it’s also where they celebrated the amazing work their members do for their local community and charities close to their hearts.

We had ten category winners, including our ‘Buttons 4 Ben’ design competition winner and the very first ever Auto Skills Scotland winner! The winners are all shown below.

The Garage (Whitburn) Ltd

Adam Purves Mitsubishi

Allied Vehicles Group

Dicksons of Inverness

John Clark Motor Group

Special Recognition Award

Gerry Facenna

Winner of the first Auto Skills Scotland event

Stuart Cochrane

Design competition winner

New College Lanarkshire


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